Manufacturer's Coupon Policy

1. There is no limit to the number of coupons used in a single transaction.

2. A manufacturer’s coupon may be used with a store coupon however, amount saved cannot exceed price of product.

3. WE DO DOUBLE COUPONS!! Exceptions to doubling:
Coupon states “DO NOT DOUBLE.”

  • Two or more of the same coupons used in a single transaction. (EX. You purchase 5 bottles of ketchup and you have 5 coupons for 50¢; $1.00 will be saved on the first bottle and 50¢ will be saved on each of the remaining 4 bottles with a total savings of $3.00.)
  • Total amount saved will not exceed $1.00 (EX. A 75¢ coupon will result in $1.00 being saved.)


Internet Coupon Policy

1. “Free” or “Buy One Get One Free” offers are not accepted.

2. Coupons with a value greater than $3.00 are not accepted.

3. Internet coupons cannot be doubled.

4. Only one coupon per item will be accepted.

5. We reserve the right to refuse any coupons that we believe to be photocopied, counterfeit or invalid for any reason.

6. Coupons must be obtained from a legitimate website. (Examples include but not limited to;,,

7. Redemption will be subject to manufacturer’s policies. (For example: Proctor & Gamble does not accept printed internet coupons.)

Please see the Customer Service Center for more information.