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Back 2 School

August 30, 2016

Kids are back to school and we want you to provide you with the best possibilities for your child’s lunchbox. We offer lots of healthy options from our produce department to include in your child’s lunch. Apples should make a great snack and some local varieties should be coming available real soon. Baby carrots are another good choice for a healthy snack. We also want to be your #1 choice for all of our top quality lunchmeats to make that perfect sandwich just the way that your child likes it. We offer some of the best turkey, ham, and beef that we roast right in our kitchen. And for that perfect dessert be sure to stop by our bakery department and grab some cookies, gourmet brownies, or some other sweet treat that your child might enjoy. Don’t forget to slip a hand written note every once in a while to make your child feel special. Check back often for news, updates, info on upcoming sales, or whatever we would like to talk about with our consumers.