In 1955, Sunnyway’s first location opened and a local tradition was born. Sixty years later the family business is still going strong – proving the longevity of the independent grocer!

Back then, Aldine and Margaret were a young married couple who had no thought of going into the grocery business, until they shopped a local store one evening and realized that their community deserved a better option than the stores already in the area. So they purchased some land and built a small store in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. With a commitment to running a good clean store and the determination to learn the industry as they went along, they soon had a thriving business.

In 1965, they moved that business, building in the current location of their Greencastle store. And in 1969 – on December 7 – that building burned to the ground. In spite of the devastation, Aldine and Margaret never thought of quitting. They simply rebuilt and re-opened nine months later – with all of their original employees returning when the store opened again!

By 1973, they were ready for more growth and opened up their location in Chambersburg. As with Greencastle, they simply saw a need in the area, bought the land and built the location from the ground up.

Regular expansions and remodels have kept the stores fresh and kept shoppers coming back. Both of their sons – Dean and Mike – grew up in the family business. Their afternoon naps were taken in the store and both began working with their parents at the ages of 12 or 13. In 2000, the brothers took over the business, allowing Dad to move on to other business interests while Mom took over the responsibility of Deli Manager for the business. Mike’s children now work in the family business as well, carrying on the tradition into another generation.

The first in their area with an in-store bakery and the first with a scanner, the Martins are always looking for ways to improve their service for the community. As owners, they are in the stores every day working with long term employees and long term shoppers. They focus on quality both in service to their customers and the quality of products they sell especially the perishable items, which are a focus in both stores.